Doors to Hell: and the winners are...

On October 31, as is tradition, the AEA celebrated Halloween, challenging students' creativity. The classroom doors were dressed in rigor, with motifs allusive to the date, giving a colorful and artistic touch to the corridors. It was very difficult for the jury to choose a winner.

The selection fell on 9A (room 41) and 6A (room 9), whose work exceeded any expectation in horror and fantasy. The happy prize winners shall enjoy a tasty brunch at the school's pedagogical restaurant.

On that day, the 11F/F1 students, possessed with demons and dressed up in terrifying costumes, walked around the school, transcending to the dead world, provided some terror and excitement and played short and frightening scenes in some classrooms. This class was also responsible for the welcoming of a group of young people with special needs with whom they interacted, took photos, sang a few songs and offered some poisoned cookies to the whole school community.

The organizing team would like to thank all the students for their commitment, and most especially Classes 11F/F1 (Curso de Animador Sociocultural e Controlo de Qualidade Alimentar), 12D1 (Curso Científico Humanístico de Artes). Special thanks to Edições ASA, to the Special Needs Education Teachers and to the Centro de Atividades Ocupacionais [CAO] of Centro Paroquial Rainha Santa Mafalda for their cooperation and participation. They surely gave us a hand making this a memorable day. Take a look ….